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TTC Watermelon Milkshake

Manufacturer: TTC
Brand: Keyfirst

From the same folks behind the Gateron Cream switches, this time having TTC do the production. The tactility is slightly more than an MX brown, but slightly less than an MX clear.

Coloured (opaque)
Coloured (opaque)
Coloured (opaque)


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Force graph for TTC Watermelon Milkshake

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Finally something the market has been demanding: a brown-like tactile.

Anonymous user on Reddit

I also bought a few, and they are nice. The pom material feels smoother and softer than normal stems. There is slightly more stem wobble than normal though.

u/dolphingarden on Reddit
TTC Watermelon Milkshake Switches Typing Test by KlicCat
Sound test #7: TTC Watermelon Milkshake | Skyloong GK87XS | Keycult 1/60 by Zion Studios PH
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Tactile switches have a satisfying tactile "bump" when the switch is activated, providing a little resistance at the start of the press.

Mount type

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Standard switch with no dampers, can be further silenced with lubrication or O-rings.

Lubrication info

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Factory lubed? Slight factory lube
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Switch film

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Stem construction

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The stem on this switch is of the standard variety.


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