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NovelKeys Cream

Manufacturer: Kailh
Brand: NovelKeys

Featuring housing and stem that is made out of self lubricating POM, this linear is a smooth and unique experience. The switch is also a first for Kailh, as it features MX style latching for the housing.

These are now in version 2 after listening to consumer feedback to fix some of the issues from the first round.

After being used in the Taeha Types Tfue Keyboard build they subsequently sold out everywhere and were nicknamed the “Tfue switch”.

Often compared to Gateron Inks and Zeal Tealios due to smoothness.

Coloured (opaque)
Coloured (opaque)
Coloured (opaque)


A force-graph is a good way to help imagine how a switch might feel to the press. Many reputable manufacturers publish such graphs, either in their documentation or in their patents.
Not sure what you’re looking at? Check out Haata’s fantastic guide on reading force curve graphs.

Force graph for NovelKeys Cream

Quotes, thoughts and opinions

Stats and figures are one thing but here are some quotes, thoughts and opinions we've been able to find from across the web regarding these switches.

A new and improved iteration of the first POM-on-POM switch that brings with it a fun feeling and sound.


The difference between these and the Gateron Inks is the sound. The inks are very quiet, and have less of a bottom-out sound. The Creams have more of a muted clack when the key hits the base. Its subtle, but the creams are definitely slightly louder.

If you want super quiet go for Gateron Inks, but if you like the buttery clack of a perfectly lubricated switch then the creams are perfect.

Comment from "Ben"
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Zambumon Jules with Novelkeys Creams Typing Sounds ASMR
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Switch Type icon
Linear switches have a smooth and linear feeling from top to bottom when pressed.

Mount type

Switch Mount icon


Standard (stainless steel)


Switch Volume icon
Standard switch with no dampers, can be further silenced with lubrication or O-rings.

Lubrication info

Factory lubed icon
Factory lubed? No

Being an all POM switch Creams are pretty smooth anyway but there is some noticeable friction. A small amount of Krytox 205 Grade 0 works well on these.

Looking for switch lubrication advice? Here's a great start

Switch film

Switch Film icon
Yes, this switch in particular is vastly improved when switch films are used.
Why use switch film? Here's a good explanation and a great demonstration.

More info on films and Thicc films by Jinra.

Stem construction

Stem icon
The stem on this switch is of the standard variety.


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