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NK_ Blueberry

Manufacturer: Kailh
Brand: NovelKeys

Constructed of the same material as the Cream switches but with a new tactile stem. Very long tactile bump that ends at 3mm – which is the actuation point.

Coloured (opaque)
Coloured (opaque)
Coloured (opaque)


A force-graph is a good way to help imagine how a switch might feel to the press. Many reputable manufacturers publish such graphs, either in their documentation or in their patents.
Not sure what you’re looking at? Check out Haata’s fantastic guide on reading force curve graphs.

Force graph for NK_ Blueberry

Quotes, thoughts and opinions

Stats and figures are one thing but here are some quotes, thoughts and opinions we've been able to find from across the web regarding these switches.

An interesting switch with a pleasant sound, and a really interesting stem that unfortunately seems to be incompatible with lighter springs. Might be a great tactile option for heavy-handed typists.

iaman on KeebTalk

These Blueberries have benefited from a one week break in period. Whether you plan to lube them or not they are ten times less scratchy in my opinion after some constant use for about a week. I believe its the pom housing slowly doing what it is intended to do.

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Switch Type icon
Tactile switches have a satisfying tactile "bump" when the switch is activated, providing a little resistance at the start of the press.

Mount type

Switch Mount icon


Standard (stainless steel)


Switch Volume icon
Standard switch with no dampers, can be further silenced with lubrication or O-rings.

Lubrication info

Factory lubed icon
Factory lubed? No

Being an all POM switch Blueberry’s, like Creams, are pretty smooth anyway but there is some noticeable friction. A small amount of Krytox 205 Grade 0 works well on these.

Looking for switch lubrication advice? Here's a great start

Switch film

Switch Film icon
Yes, this switch in particular is vastly improved when switch films are used.
Why use switch film? Here's a good explanation and a great demonstration.

More info on films and Thicc films by Jinra.

Stem construction

Stem icon
The stem on this switch is of the standard variety.


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