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Kailh BOX White

Manufacturer: Kailh
Brand: Kailh
Coloured (opaque)
Coloured (opaque)


A force-graph is a good way to help imagine how a switch might feel to the press. Many reputable manufacturers publish such graphs, either in their documentation or in their patents.
Not sure what you’re looking at? Check out Haata’s fantastic guide on reading force curve graphs.

Force graph for Kailh BOX White
Cherry G80-3000 with Box Whites by Chyrosran22
Anne Pro 2 with Box Whites by Jerry Neutron
BOK.CP with Box Whites build by Taeha Types
Gh60 with Box Whites typing test by Fluffypupper 22
Switch Type icon
Click-bar (Kailh style)
Clicky switches, as the name suggests, make an audible click when activated. Click bars are a Kailh brand innovation and have a small metal spring "bar" that creates the click noise - which can be heard on both the down and up stroke of a key press.

Mount type

Switch Mount icon


Kailh Box spring (smaller than MX)


Switch Volume icon
This is a loud switch. Not recommended for use in an office environment or others that don't appreciated a loud keyboard ;)

Lubrication info

Factory lubed icon
Factory lubed? Slight factory lube
Looking for switch lubrication advice? Here's a great start

Switch film

Switch Film icon
Switch films do not fit these switches.
Why use switch film? Here's a good explanation and a great demonstration.

More info on films and Thicc films by Jinra.

Stem construction

Stem icon
The stem on this switch is of the box variety. Popularised by Kailh. It’s known for being more resistant to dust and moisture over long-term use.

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