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Everglide Oreo

Manufacturer: JWK
Brand: Everglide

A subtly punchy and decent sounding tactile option at an affordable price-point. The tactile bump is pronounced, starts high, and has virtually no pre-travel. The Everglide Oreo switch benefits from lubing and filming to eliminate inconsistencies and improve the overall sound and feel.

Coloured (opaque)

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If you thought Zeal switches weren’t snappy enough but had good tactility, this is the answer.

ottodokto via Drop

Here is my 5 cents: Get Everglide Oreo (stock it is sh!t) but after filming and lubing it is close to thocky (housing material play big factor here, and will less thockier than HP), it has sharper tactile feel and it is cheap (i think i bought for $44 for 90 switch on drop).

quixxx via Keebtalk
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Switch Type icon
Tactile switches have a satisfying tactile "bump" when the switch is activated, providing a little resistance at the start of the press.

Mount type

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Standard switch with no dampers, can be further silenced with lubrication or O-rings.

Lubrication info

Factory lubed icon
Factory lubed? Slight factory lube

There’ve been a few mentions that the Everglide Oreos can feel ‘scratchy’ in their stock form. A moderate application of lube, such as Tribosys 3204 or Krytox 205g0 can assist in this regard. Always remember that your mileage, especially with switch lubing, may vary.

Looking for switch lubrication advice? Here's a great start

Switch film

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Yes, this switch in particular is vastly improved when switch films are used.

The Everglide Oreos will benefit from switch filming. Films such as TX Clear can assist in lowering the

Stem construction

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The stem on this switch is of the standard variety.


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