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Drop Holy Panda

Manufacturer: Unknown
Brand: Drop

Originally a frankenswitch (INVYR/Other Panda Housing + Halo stem), Drop capitalized on the market by selling their own, assembled versions. Originally, these matched the tactility of frankenswitch holy pandas, but when drop switched manufacturers to Tecsee, they went to Tecsee's noticably less tactile leaf and slightly different stem. For a more authentic Holy Panda, make your own.

See ThereminGoat's article for more information on Panda switches.

Coloured (opaque)
Coloured (opaque)
Coloured (opaque)
Holy Panda Switch Review! All HYPE!?!?; by Brandon Taylor
Fjell with lubed Holy Pandas Typing Sounds (retest) by Taeha Types
How I Lube Holy Panda Switches with Krytox 205g0 by :3ildcat
Holy Panda Wars: Invyr vs. Yok vs. Glorious by IO Sam
Holy Panda Unboxing & Lubing by :3ildcat
Switch Type icon
Tactile switches have a satisfying tactile "bump" when the switch is activated, providing a little resistance at the start of the press.

Mount type

Switch Mount icon


Standard (stainless steel)


Switch Volume icon
Standard switch with no dampers, can be further silenced with lubrication or O-rings.

Lubrication info

Factory lubed icon
Factory lubed? No
Looking for switch lubrication advice? Here's a great start

Switch film

Switch Film icon
The benefits of using switch films on these are negligible. Considered not worth using.
Why use switch film? Here's a good explanation and a great demonstration.

More info on films and Thicc films by Jinra.

Stem construction

Stem icon
The stem on this switch is of the standard variety.
Long pole
The stem on this switch longer than usual and hits the bottom housing eg. Halo/Holy Panda.

Want to try this switch out for yourself?

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